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Our high-quality photovoltaic modules bring clean and reliable solar energy to civil, commercial, industrial and large-scale public facilities around the world.
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Jiangsu Reeco Logic Co., Ltd works only with distributors who have the proven skills, commitment and knowledge of the local market. Together, we’ll deliver the most reliable, high-efficiency solar panels and the best customer service. 

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Everything You Need to Know about Solar Panel Inverters

When it comes to solar power, the first thing you think about is the solar panels fitted to the roof. However, the electricity from your solar panels is direct current (DC) power, while our modern appliances rely on alternating current (AC) electricity. In order to use t...

4 Tips to check the quality of a solar panel

Solar panel, also known as solar chip, is a kind of photoelectric semiconductor sheet that generates electricity by making use of sunlight. It has been widely used in all the fields related to new energy, and is applied to every photovoltaic product. The quality of solar...